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Innova BPC Insights also boasts an extensive range of industry reports covering every aspect of the BPC and Household industries. Contact us to discover more about our dedicated reports focused on established categories and subcategories, as well as new and emerging areas.

Innova BPC Insights includes a comprehensive database that is crowned by our New Product Database, which captures the most innovative new product launches, as well as extensive resources for consumer insights, market-sizing, packaging and formulation innovation.

Innova’s commitment to the BPC and Household industries is reinforced by our BPC Insights Newsletter, a free resource bringing you five articles every day to highlight the latest news on trends, business, formulation, packaging and regulation.

Innova is already an established name in the Beauty, Personal Care (BPC) and Household industries, but is now building on this reputation to deliver even more. We are extending our new product tracking while strengthening our dedicated network of analysts, editors and contributors from all over the world.

Imogen Matthews Premium Beauty
Reports Consultant
John Woodruff Science and Formulation
Belinda Carli Product Development
and Ingredient Consultant
Simon Pitman BPC Insights
Senior Editor
Natasha Spencer-Jolliffe BPC Insights
Senior Journalist

Our team of analysts follow every aspects of the Beauty and Personal Care (BPC) category. Our team of contributors has been carefully selected for their expertise in every area of the industry, from trends and new product launches, to formulation, product design and regulation, as well as the impact of business and finance.

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Trends Insider: Top 10 Trends in Beauty - Europe
The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has stopped "life as normal" across the world. We have entered a period of uncertainty with major shifts in the way we live, work and communicate. This period of uncertainty has increased consumer anxiety and impacted spending habits. After the COVID-19 pandemic eases, we do not expect the world to return to business as usual. This shift has accelerated a number of key trends that had already started prior to the pandemic, while reinforcing some of the more latent trends. This is an opportunity to look at the possible innovative leverages and act now to prepare for tomorrow. The world is waiting for a rebound, and both challenges and opportunities lie ahead. In this report we will reveal some of the key beauty trends that will evolve and that companies need to address to stay ahead of the beauty game.
What's Included
  • New product launch trends: Gain insight into the latest product launch data regarding claims, top companies and more.
  • Consumer insights: Use consumer-related statistics to identify trends and marker opportunities. Understand what is driving consumers, by following demographics and lifestyle.
  • Future directions: Add reliable future predictions to your business plans and goals.
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Category Insider: Skin Care in the US
This report examines Skin Care consumer attitudes, purchasing and demographics, retail sales and new products and innovation in the United States.
What's Included
  • Market size: Quickly check the market size in an industry, region or country.
  • Market share: Identify main players and spot opportunities and threats.
  • Market segmentation: Gain thorough insight into the structure and size of a category.
  • Market forecast: Add reliable forecast data to support your business plans and goals.
  • Compound annual growth rate (CAGR): Compare the performance of different markets over time.
  • Consumer insights: Use consumer-related statistics to identify trends and market opportunities. Understand what is driving consumers.
  • New product launch trends: Gain insight into the latest product launch data (regarding claims, analysis, category drivers and more).
  • Future directions: Gain insight into future predictions about the category.
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